Pursuant to 1073.1 (b.1) of Pennsylvania's public school code of 1949, the board of school directors is required to post the mutually agreed upon objective performance standards contained in the superintendent's contract on the school district's publicly accessible Internet website. Upon completion of the annual performance assessment, the board of school directors is required to post the date of the assessment and whether or not the district Superintendent has met the objective performance standards on the school district’s publicly accessible Internet website.

    June 30, 2023

    Objective Performance Standard


    Governance and Board Relations

    Highly Effective

    Community Relations


    Staff Relations


    Business and Finance

    Highly Effective

    Instructional Leadership

    Highly Effective





    1. Implement and monitor a Long-Term Plan to address the district’s growth and facility needs over the next ten years to include a Preventive Maintenance Plan, a Capital Improvement Plan, and a Major Construction Plan.

    2. Create and implement a plan to improve the hiring and retention of professional and support staff within the school district.

    3. Implement and maintain a plan that supports the Team of Ten’s (school board and superintendent) goal to achieve a 3.0 average score on the Lead Responsibly standard on PSBA’s Principles for Governance and Leadership self-evaluation survey.