• Off-Campus Programs

    On-Line/Blended Learning Academy
    Northern implemented an On-Line Learning program in the fall of 2011. Through this program, students in grades 6-12 can register for full-time cyber education or a blended approach that provides both face-to-face and online learning. Because this is Northern's program, students are permitted to participate in all Northern extra-curricular activities and earn a Northern Diploma. For more information, contact Ryan Edwards at redwards@northernyork.org or see the Northern Online Academy page

    Career and Technical Program (CTC): 
    Northern High School participates with Cumberland Perry Area Career & Technical Center. The Career and Technical School was established to provide students with specialized training. Half-day sessions are spent at the Northern High School in the morning and the CTC building each afternoon during the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.  Some of the courses provided include air conditioning, computer information systems, auto body and mechanics, carpentry, welding, commercial art, cosmetology, electronics, food, horticulture, and criminal justice.  Pamphlets describing all of the CTC courses are available in the Guidance Office.  Students completing a CTC course are not required to schedule a typing course.  A one-year commitment is required after 20 school days.            

    Work-Study gives students an early chance to try an occupational field before graduation. It is an elective for any twelfth-grade student. Students are required to take the classroom component with their job. The two are worth a total of two elective credits. A training plan for work is developed for each student. The school visits students 2-3 times per year for evaluation. That grade is part of the twelfth-grade report card. Professional “soft skills” are a big part of this program. Students must be approved by their guidance counselor to be eligible.

    Senior Career Internship (Grade 12):
    This internship gives students on-the-job experience so they can plan their careers after high school.  It gives students a chance to speak to professionals in the field about the education and training necessary to reach their career goals.  It also gives students a real-life understanding of what it takes to do the job and be successful.
    Requirements for acceptance are (1) Completion of application with all required signatures and compliance with all items on the application.  (2) Must be a valid educational experience.  (3) A review of the student’s attendance, discipline, and academic record must be completed before acceptance.  (4) Approval must be obtained from guidance counselors.
    This out-of-school experience is custom-designed to meet each student’s needs.