• If your child works on improving their language skills, here are some fun ideas to incorporate practice at home!

    Activity 1: Find objects around the house/in a magazine/online search/or book and have your child describe them using at least 2-3 characteristics. They can draw the objects if they like. When they are finished, they can describe the object to you and you can guess which object they are describing.

    Activity 2: Talk about daily tasks/chores and ask your child to explain the steps to complete the task. Have your child list the steps using transitional words first, then, next, last, etc. For example: When brushing teeth, have your child state the steps they take to complete the task.

    Activity 3: Read a book together or look through a book with pictures. Have your child use the pictures to recall the story using complete sentences. You can also discuss the main idea, characters, setting, and make predictions. When making sentences, you can also work on grammar skills by asking your child to use appropriate pronouns, subject/verb agreement, and past tense verbs.

    Activity 4: If you do any cooking/baking together have your child draw or take a picture of each step of the recipe. After you have completed the recipe have your child use complete grammatically correct sentences to describe the steps.

    Activity 5: Watch parent approved movies/tv shows/YouTube videos and use your language skills to summarize the video. Make predictions about what might happen next. Describe the characters and setting. Sequence the main events of the video and recall what happened in sequential order.