• Northern Music Boosters

    "Volunteers don't get paid because they're worthless,
    but because they're priceless."

    Volunteers are vital to providing high quality music programs for our students!!
    No experience necessary!!

    Volunteering with the Music Boosters is an important and rewarding experience – many friendships are formed among people who volunteer. By volunteering, parents, family members and friends can be a part of their student’s music activities!

    You can volunteer as a Music Booster Member or non-member. You can join for a mere $1.00!! Please go to the Membership Form to complete your membership.

    Please take the time to donate your time or donate items for music activities.There are many volunteer opportunities! There is general volunteering and then volunteering that applies to the particular activity.
    General Volunteering
    (Benefits all music students.)

    Please contact callen@nycsd.k12.pa.us if you are interested in any volunteering.

    • Gram Tables (gifts for students who perform at concerts, musicals, etc.)
    • Fundraising (for the music booster and/or your own student)
      • See the fundraising page for funding opportunities
      • All families (any grade level) may raise money for their student's expenses, including private music lessons, other music expenses, and/or the Disney trip during HS
    • Football Concession Stand (benefits ALL students, not just the marching band)
    • Publicity and/or Writing
    • Web Design
    Specific Program Volunteering
    Marching Band

    • Chaperoning football games and competitions
    • Uniform Help (issuing and cleaning uniforms for games and competition)
    • Pit Crew (helping the band on and off the field)
    • Props (building/maintaining)
    • Competition Meals (dinner for band on competition days)
    • Band Camp events/meals
    • Sewing (hemming uniforms/sewing flags)
    • Northern Lights Home Show (LOTS OF HELP NEEDED)
    Time To Sign Up

    Use the website TimeToSignUp.com to find out the Booster’s volunteering needs, This website allows us to develop sign-up sheets for whatever we need. All you need to do choose the item or time slot you are signing up for, enter in some contact information, and you are done. It's that easy! Click on the link below to see what events we need volunteers for now.
    TTSU Link
    Volunteer Security Clearances

    The Northern Music Boosters are enforcing the School District policy regarding Security Clearances for adults who might be alone with students. The Music Boosters, along with the music department directors, have determined that the following volunteer positions require District Security Clearances:

    • Chaperoning
    • Pit Crew
    • Uniform Closet Volunteers

    If you have any questions about needing Security Clearances, please see the District Security Clearance Info and/or contact the appropriate director.