• Flute Stocking Stuffers
    For most of these items, I have provided a link to a site called Woodwind Brasswind (wwbw), which is a reliable source to buy instrument supplies and music from. However, you can also find all of these items in your local music stores, at Menchey Music, and even on Amazon! New: Menchey Music recently opened their online shop, where you can find supplies, music, and fun accessories at the click of a button!

    Cleaning Supplies

    As everyone is aware, instruments are incredibly expensive. So, it makes sense that we should take good care of them! It is possible to purchase Flute cleaning kits that come with a bunch of supplies, but you might not need everything that comes with it. If you do decide to purchase an entire Flute care kit, make sure it at least has the following items in it:
    • Flute Pad Saver Set - This should only be used AFTER you use a cleaning swab. They are meant to be kept inside of the flute to absorb the little bit of moisture that the cleaning swab didn't absorb already. These are not commonly found in Flute care kits - you might need to order this one separately.

    Flute Accessories

    Flute Music

    One of the reasons most kids sign up to play an instrument is to play music they enjoy. So why not purchase some music they're interested in? If you go to any of your local music stores, you'll find countless Flute music books, including ones with songs that are easy enough for even the most beginner Flute student! They make these books for movies (including Disney), Pop songs, TV shows... There's a book for everyone! For this, I recommend physically traveling to the store to purchase the books so that you can preview the song first and make sure it is at a level that your child will be able to play.

    Flute Lessons

    During the school year, I only see the students once a cycle. That means some weeks go by that I do not see the students for a lesson at all, especially if the student is absent or has difficulties remembering their lesson. There is a lot of time between lessons, and every child could benefit from more instruction time on their instrument. If you are financially able, a trial of private lessons (maybe 3-5 lessons) is a GREAT gift for any musician! Not only do lessons open the student up to more than double the instructional time that they usually receive, but it also introduces them to more flute music that they might enjoy!