Sports Physicals - Information and Forms

Please read thoroughly, choose the correct physical form to complete, and print and sign the consent form below.

  • Northern sponsored vs. Family Physician sports physicals:
    The rules according to the PIAA
    ***All PIAA Paperwork MUST be handed in the Friday BEFORE the season begins or you will NOT be able to participate in the first day of Practice or Try-Outs. If paperwork is brought in on the first day of the season, you WILL NOT be permitted to practice until the following day.***
    ***Sports Physials MUST BE completed on the PIAA Physical Page. Any Sports Physical received on any different physical page WILL NOT be accepted.***
    ***All Sports Physicals MUST BE dated AFTER June 1, 2020 to be eligible for the 2020-2021 School Year. Any Physical dated before June 1 WILL NOT be accepted***

    Northern sponsored All Sports Summer Physicals -
    Any sports physical received at Northern is valid for the entire year.  If you receive the summer sports physical and do not play a fall sport, your physical will be honored as the paperwork required to be handed in before the start of your first sport in the Winter or Spring season. 
    1. 11th grade school physicals - please be aware that the Northern Sport Physical WILL satisfy the state requirement for an 11th grade school physical. Copies of all 11th grade Sports Physicals are given to the school nurse during the first week of school.  
    2. Driving/work permit physicals - please DO NOT bring any forms for driving/work permits to the Sports Physicals.  These doctors are contracted to provide sports physicals only and will not sign any other physical paperwork.
    Family physican sports physicals -
    Any physical given by a family physician MUST be dated AFTER June 1st to be accepted for the school year. Any physical dated before June 1st will NOT be accepted by the Athletic Training Staff. All physicals completed by a family physician MUST be completed on the PIAA physical packet which can be found on the Athletic Training Department page, or picked up at the school. 
    1. CAUTION: if you choose to get a physical from your family physician and your child has a change in health status (illness, injury, medication change, etc.) after the physical was handed in, then you MUST return to ORIGINAL PHYSICIAN who performed your son or daughter's sports physical to receive a medical clearance, called SECTION 6, before participation in a 2nd or 3rd sport.  For this reason, it is recommended that all athletes particpate in the Northern Sports Physicals because the Athletic Training Staff will work directly with Dr. Bixler for any additional medical clearances.  Due to liability concerns, Northern's Team Physician, Dr. Bixler, will not re-certify or medically clear an athlete who received their sports physical from a family physician.
    Physical Re-certification for Multiple Sport Athletes -  
    Prior to the start of your athlete's 2nd or 3rd sport, each athlete must complete SECTION 1 AND SECTION 7: PIAA Re-cerfication by Parent/Guardian.  This form can be found below the PIAA Physical Packet and is a supplemental medical history that documents any changes in personal information or illnesses/injury/surgery/meds that may have occurred during the previous sports season or since the athlete's orginal sports physical.  This form can be downloaded from the Physical Re-Certification link.  Once handed in, the Athletic Training Staff will review SECTION 5 and one of two things will happen:
    1. If no changes in health status occurred, then your athlete will be cleared for the next season during a school year without any more documentation being needed.  
    2. If your child experienced a change in health status (illness, injury, medication change, etc.), regardless how minor, an additional form called SECTION 6 is required to medically clear the athlete for further sports participation.  This clearance can only come from the PHYSICIAN WHO PERFORMED THE ORIGINAL
    SPORTS PHYSICAL.  Here is what this means:
    Northern sports physical participants:  SECTION 6 will be filled out by the athletic training staff and signed by Dr. Bixler who signed all of Northern's sports physicals.  The parents do not need to do anything.

    Family physician sports physical: the parents will need to coordiation a second doctor's appointment with with ORIGINAL PHYSICIAN who performed the sports physical to have SECTION 6 completed.  This is a PIAA rule with no exceptions.  Due to liability concerns, Dr. Bixler WILL NOT complete a SECION 6 form for anyone who received a sports physical from a family physician.

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