School Physicals

    School Physicals


    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    The Pennsylvania School Health Law requires medical examinations for children on original entry into school and in grades 6 and 11.  These examinations are recommended because these are critical periods in the growth and development of your child. 

    The 6th grade physical exam may be completed any time during the 5th grade school year and still qualify as a 6th grade physical. The 11th grade physical can be completed during the 10th grade school year; Drivers License and Sports Physicals are acceptable.   

    During the exam, you may wish to discuss with your physician the need for your child to receive some of the vaccines that are required.

    Seventh through 12th  Grade ADDITIONAL vaccine requirements for attendance:

    • Tdap (tetanus, diptheria, acellular pertussis), 1 dose after age 11
    • MCV (meningococcal conjugate vaccine), 2 doses
      • First dose is given at age 11-15, a second dose is required at age 16 or entry in to grade 12.
      • If the dose was given at age 16 or older, only one dose is required

    Please return completed physical exam forms as soon as possible to your child's school nurse.  Be sure that your physician includes the dates that any immunizations were given so that we may update your child’s health record.                                                                                      

    Thank you for helping to keep our school children healthy!


     The District School Nurses

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