Medication Policy

  • All medications brought to school must be given to the nurse.



    All medications (both over the counter and prescription) to be given at school require a written prescription from your physician (in addition to the prescription bottle) and must be brought to school in the original container with only enough medication for school use.


               Additional information

                A completed medication permission form (see below) must accompany the medication.   


                Please indicate:

                1.  Student’s name.  

                2.  Current date.       

                3.  Type of medication.

                4.  Time medication is to be administered.          

                5.  Reason for administration of medication.

                6.  Number of days medication must be administered.

                7.  Physician's signature.

                8.  Parent's/Guardian's signature.



    All medication must be accompanied with written instructions from the physician, and brought to school by the parent, not the student. Medications should be handed directly to the nurse. Please DO NOT leave medications on a desk or counter.


    Medication to be given three times a day may be given before school, immediately after school and at bedtime.


    Please inform the school nurse if the student is on long term medication at home.


    Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen(Advil) are the only pain relievers that will be given in school with written permission from the parent or guardian. 


    Please Print the attached File-Medication Order and Request Form

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