Polar Bear Band

Northern High School Marching Band

  • Hello everyone. I am sorry for the delay on this post I was clearing a few details up and I wanted to make sure they were all correct before sending it out to the world. All students reading this, if you read it all the way through there is a special reward at the bottom.

    Tuesday: 7:30-7:45am= Report time
    8:30= performance for staff
    9:00= pictures
    The group picture will be first then individual pictures. As soon as individual pictures are finished you may leave.

    Tuesday Night: 6:00-9:00= Rehearsal
    We will be doing drill down first and naming the ninjas as well. After that feel free to stick around to watch the rest of the rehearsal.

    Thursday: Playing for Freshman orientation (not mandatory, no freshman can play)
    7:00am= Report time
    7:30= play for freshman
    8:00= Dismissal

    Friday: First Football Game (Pep Band Only)(not mandatory)
    6:20= Report time
    6:40= Go to stadium
    7:00= Game
    Half time we dismiss
    Again for this game you may sit with the student section in the second half of the game. You may participate in splatter paint as long as you are in the band room BEFORE 6:30. Guard is more than welcome to bring their instruments if they play any and play along, or they may sit in the stands with the band.

    We are adding a lot of extra stuff in this week that is being extra supportive to our school and the community, so for all of your extra time I am giving you all some time back as well. There is NO REHEARSAL THURSDAY NIGHT. Enjoy your last weekend of summer and we will jump back in on Tuesday. Guard you will have rehearsal this Thursday but you will have off next Thursday. Please wait for Caitie Simmons post to see your details.

    Thanks guys and again sorry for the late post.

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