• Your grade will depend on a variety of input including class assignments, projects, labs, homework, presentations, tests, quizzes, and the rare extra credit.  All assignments are due the day after they are assigned unless otherwise noted.  Class time is given to work on almost all assignments and, if you use youur time wisely, very little work should need to be completed at home.  Obviously, if you are involved in multiple extracurriculars such as sports, band, chorus, etc. that will cut down on your time in school for completing projects and your amount of work at home will be greater.  This is a burden you are choosing and will have no impact on when your assignments are due.   

    Assignments that are one day late can receive a maximum of 80% of the available points.  Assignments that are more than one day late can receive a maximum of 50% of the available points.  If a student is having a hard time, but is honestly trying his or her hardest, I will often grant an extension so I can personally help that student understand how to complete the homework.

    I do my level best to have grades put into gradebook within a week of the due date but this may vary depending on length and complexity of the assignment as well as personal life events.

    If you are absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to see me to get the assignment and to show it to me at completion.  Email me if you are out, check my website, and look at your Google Classroom.  When a student is absent for an assignment, full credit may be earned when the work is completed within the middle school guidelines for absences.  I will place missed worksheets and quizzes in a folder in my classroom.  If you are out, check it.


    In order for you to succeed, you must keep up with your work and complete all assignments.  I do not assign "busy work."  Therefore, consider every assignment important.  If you are having trouble with a particular assignment, are confused about what we are discussing in class, don't understand why you got the grade you did, or think I messed up somewhere, PLEASE come talk to me so we can work it out.  I want every student to enjoy Life Science and to have an enjoyable experience in my class.