line drawing
    1. Be on Time.
      • Quietly enter the classroom and take your seat.
      • Follow directions the first time they are given.
      • Assignments are due at the start of class.
      • Sharpen pencils before class begins.


         2.  Be Prepared for Class.

    • Have something to write with.
    • Have something to write on.
    • Have your English folder and Writer’s Journal.
    • Have your agenda book.


    1. Treat Others with Respect.
    • One person talks at a time.
    • Raise your hand to ask/answer a question.
    • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    • Keep negative comments to yourself.
    • Use school appropriate language.


    1. Be ready to work hard.
    • Anything less than your best is unacceptable. This ranges from a simple homework assignment to a major research paper. 
    • You are here, so it is expected that you come to this class with K-6 knowledge of the English language.
    • Writing, like any other worthwhile pursuit, takes practice to achieve excellence. Excellence is your goal.