• What's Ahead for this Year?

    Writing:  Writing is taught as a separate program and is also stressed as part of the reading and spelling program. We will be following the writer's workshop model, which incorporates the use of pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, publishing and sharing in the writing process. Students will be writing narrative, persuasive, informational, and research pieces as well as poetry. Grammar is also incorporated into our writing program.

    Reading:  The reading program used in third grade is the Harcourt Storytown series. Children will be reading a variety of genres and working on varied activities related to vocabulary, language skills, and comprehension. Children's literature (trade books) will also be used to supplement the program. Students will experience literature through shared reading, guided reading, independent reading and literature circles. 

    Spelling/Word Work: Our emphasis is shifting away from memorization in favor of word work. Through word work, students learn patterns that can be generally applied to many words. This will help them to become better spellers as a whole. Spelling is assessed on the report card through application in writing. Checkpoints will be used during word work time to regularly assess pattern and individualized 3rd grade level words. This year we will be incorporating Fundations as we build onto concepts presented in this program in grades K-2. 

    Math: The district program for math is called Math in Practice, which is aligned to the PA Common Core standards. Students will study place value concepts, multiplication, division, money, geometry, graphs, fractions and measurement. 

    Science: The curriculum includes units on the structures of life, water, weather, motion and matter. Hands-on activities will be utilized to help make science more meaningful.

    Social Studies:  Students will study map and globe skills, economics, communities/cultures around the world.