• WELCOME to elementary LIBRARY!

    Each homeroom class has library special one time in our six-day school cycle.

    Your child's specific library cycle day will be shared by your child's homeroom teacher.

    All books(s) are due on the homeroom library cycle day to renew or return.  Just like gym shoes on gym day, always bring all of your library books on library day for RENEW OR RETURN.

    If you are worried your child won't remember to renew, you can put a note with the book.   

    Please keep books in the school backpack or classroom desk when not reading.

    Let the librarian fix any damages.

    Please tell us about any problems.

    The number of books you will be able to have for a visit will depend on your grade and responsibility.


    • Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade may have one book at a time.

    • Third Grade starts with one book and we may move to two later in the school year. 

    • Fourth and Fifth Grade may take what they need up to three, as long as they prove responsible. 

    • Learning Support classes follow a classroom rule, not necessarly a grade-level rule. 

    RESPECT and CARE......Two words that we use regularly in the library. 

    RESPECT involves showing good manners, polite words, being considerate of differing opinions and varied reading choices.

    TAKE CARE involves walking, keeping your body to yourself, caring for the room, the books, the supplies, and being helpful to others and the librarian.

    We practice GUIDED FREE CHOICE. 

    We follow JUST RIGHT rules for book choice for checkout. Do you understand it? Will you enjoy it? Will your family approve of it? Can you read it all by yourself?

    In keeping with the District Mission, each student is PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the care and safe return of the books checked out.

    We recommend: 

    1. Put library books back in the school backpack when not being read. Don't put it on a shelf or in a bin at home. 

    2. Keep food, drink, and art supplies away from library books.  

    3. Water bottles - Use an outside backpack pocket or carry them, keeping bottles away from the library book.  We have also seen success with students who choose to carry an empty water bottle and fill it at school, keeping it empty during travel.

    4. Keep hands that rip and tear and mouths that chew away from school library books.

    5. LOST? We always prefer the lost book returned.  Please let us know you are hunting for it!  It usually turns up!

    If it can't be found or is damaged beyond repair, we ask families to pay to replace the school library book. 

    6. DAMAGED?  Please rush the book to the library right away.  If it gets to us quickly, we can sometimes repair it with just a small scar.  Do not tape or fix at home.  You can use flat paper towels between pages to pull water out of a book.

    7. PROBLEMS? CONCERNS? Please contact the librarian first.  We can help parents make sure their child is choosing books and resources that are JUST RIGHT for their family so they can be enjoyed, understood, and build life-long reading skills. 

    We use Destiny Discover from Class Link during library class. 

    To access ClassLink and DESTINY DISCOVER from home:

    Go to ClassLink from the northernpolarbears.com for students homepage.

    Choose Google Login.

    UserName = student email address @northernpolarbears.com

    Password = student number and letters pb

    You can find this information in your Sapphire Parent Portal.

    Choose DESTINY DISCOVER from ClassLink and explore

    Link to NYCSD Library Catalog

    Link to more District Library Information




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